February 5th, 2021

So here we are, in what one fervently hopes is no earlier than the middle of a pandemic, because if we’re closer to the beginning, heaven help us, and while you’re welcome here in the state of Massachusetts to go out and catch COVID-19 at your local dining establishment, you are not welcome to do so at any live performance, and if you’re getting the sneaking suspicion that I think doing either of those things would be insane, give yourself a gold star.

So I’ve got time on my hands, and so I’ve done a little housekeeping. First, I’ve rebranded myself. I am no longer “Literate. Resonant. Exuberant.” on my Web site; I am now the Smartass Troubadour, as opposed to the Wiseass Troubadour, which my wife, She Who Must be Taunted, insists is a very important distinction, which I am almost certain never to remember. I’ve also been upgrading the plumbing here on the ol’ Web site, since the ceiling was leaking on the newsletter page, and there were mice nesting in the song list. If you’re having problems, clear your browser cache, and if you’re still having problems, try a different browser (I’m looking at you, Internet Explorer, you trollop, you), and if you’re still having problems, throw away your phone and buy a new one. At least, that’s what they told me when I called the help desk, and a random guy in Bangalore can’t be wrong.

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